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Surviving Graduate School

You know the feeling: always behind, drowning, never good enough, how am I supposed to do this? I have no time, no money, and no hope. 

I've been there.
Eating nothing but Ramen and peanut butter and jelly, crying and reading until three in the morning, overwhelmed with expectations and deadlines. My very first semester of my Master's program, I was so close to quitting. Thankfully I had a supportive and encouraging professor who let me finish crying. Then he told me that I'm not alone. This is normal for graduate students. And it will get easier. 

Now, my classmates in my doctoral program ask me how I make it look so easy? How do I have no homework on the weekends? How am I not stressed? I know now that these "normal" graduate school feelings do not have to be normal. 

So know that you are not alone. All graduate students go through this. 1/2 of graduate students drop out before finishing. But that will not be you! I've put together some of my own experiences and resources that will hopefully encourage and help you. Please reach out if you have other questions, or just need someone to talk to.