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Whether your aim is to translate, teach, graduate, find a job, or be a key part of your business, professionalism is of the upmost importance!

With a degree in Communications, a Master's in Teaching, conference activity, and teaching experience, I have learned and discovered a vast amount of knowledge about being professional. From expressing confidence, to managing others, to applying for jobs.

I have put an especially large amount of effort into my own professionalism. Not only am I female, but I am tiny (4'11''). I have worked hard to establish my credibility so people take me seriously and don't think I'm 13 years old.


I have learned from others, and my own experiences. I have shared my expertise below and I hope that it will help you in reaching your goals. I also hope that if you have any other questions that you will also leave a comment and ask me!

Coming Soon!

The Mirroring Technique-and Other Interview Tips

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What to expect from your first Conference

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