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Child Language Learning

I don't yet have children of my own, but I do have a Master's degree where we talked a lot about child language learning acquisition. 

There are a few concerns that many parents have that I'd like to address here:

1) You do not have to know a language to teach it to your child

2) If you don't know the language, and would like to, it is possible. It is just a myth that adults can't learn languages. Adults actually have several advantages to learning languages that kids don't.


3) Learning two or more languages at the same time will not cause children to incorrectly learn their native language.

I think that child language acquisition is so cool and so fascinating! Did you know that when babies babble, they are trying to mimick the sounds that they hear other humans make? Studies have shown that baby babbling all of the world is all different, depending on the language that surrounds them. 

I look forward to having children of my own so I can see this amazing process at work (and for other reasons). But for now I do have what I have learned, read, and seen from other children, and I have compiled some information to help you as you work with your children to learn new languages. 



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